Do you need a life retox?

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With the arrival of January comes an influx of ‘new year new you’ messages, with diet plans, resolutions and fitness fads taking over our social media feeds.

Rather than jump on the detox bandwagon, this year we’ve been inspired by Angelica Malin, (@jellymalin) the Editor-in-Chief of About Time Magazine, who is championing the concept of ‘retox’.

In her article, Malin writes, “You can live the most glamorous life around (accordingly to social media), but if you’re constantly guilting yourself in the “should”, your life becomes a stream of pressure, self-criticism and doubt... Don’t trust “should” – it’s not your friend, and it doesn’t want your happiness.”

Malin decided to fill her life with things she genuinely loves, rather than things she feels she ‘should’ be doing.

What is retox?

Retox is all about adding things to your life, not taking things away. Where detox often encourages restriction and deprivation, retox is about enrichment and doing more of the things that make you happy.

In an attempt to break her cycle of self-criticism, Malin has created a list of ten things she wants to include more in her life for 2017. She hopes that these small changes and shifts in attitude, like “swap[ping] the gym for yoga and walks through Primrose Hill”, will make a big difference to her overall happiness. Malin’s other retox resolutions include, “get back into scrapbooking because it makes me ridiculously happy”, and to “stop cutting out food groups because it’s fashionable on the internet.”

As well as making her own list, Malin has asked her followers to tweet their own retox resolutions. @FeedingFranklin tweets: “I’ll be doing more travelling, building my little business and making real espresso whenever I want”.

Retox inspiration

To get you thinking about what you can do to bring more joy into your life, here are a few things that the Green People team are planning to do more of this year.

“Make more time for friends whether that be over the phone or meeting up more often.”
- Sophie

“Treat myself to a pamper session every week with a bubble bath, face mask and lots of scented candles”
- Amy

“Getting involved and giving back to my local community makes me feel great. This year I want to do more to help out, baking for charity events, volunteering and getting to know my neighbors.”
- Anna

Get in touch

We would love to know what you would like to do more of, not less in 2017. Let us know your retox resolutions in the comments below, or get in touch on Twitter @GreenPeopleUS.

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